This book is written collectively by professionals who work in the field they write about; teach.

Leaving school without asking the important “why” questions leaves students at risk to lose their children due to illiteracy.

Parental Instructions™ is a Reading Comprehension curriculum developed specifically to strengthen the writing skills of students who have reading disorders.

The creator of Parental Instructions™ is a  Certified Teacher of English as a Foreign Language, Licensed Professional Driver, self taught writer who has been living with dyslexia and ADHD for over 4 decades.

Asking “dumb” questions typically haunt illiterate  students because what is common sense to literate students is not common sense to a illiterate student.  Ignorance is why illiterate students often experience being teased and called “stupid” in public schools.

Parental Instructions™ aims to work alongside the United States public school system by providing real world examples of problems to troubleshoot from everyday people who work in the professional fields they write about. The examples provided by the trained professionals provide students with invaluable insight into specific day to day obstacles that correlate with that field while teaching students how to troubleshoot them.

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Teachers of Parental Instructions™ retain 90% of all sales.  The creator of Parental Instructions™ keeps 10%.  All payments are processed within 24-48 hours once the sale has been finalized.  All teachers are independent contractors and paid on 1099. By agreeing to register as a teacher on this site, all registered teachers agree to upload their lessons as contributors; not authors.

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